Kitchen waste shredder/Vegetable garbage crusher



qizheng has a rich-experienced engineer team and advanced shredding technology which promotes the development of special shredders.

Innovated blade and perfect cutting space are specially designed for kitchen waste

Sealing system prevents machine from corrosion and keeps its bearing & gearboxes from pollution

Equipment flexibility is decided by customers’ crushing requests

Packed food waste ,putrid vegetables & meat etc all can be disposed effectively 


Model Motor power(kw) Blade(mm) Main blade rotation diameter(mm) Main blade quantity(pcs) Main axle rotating speed(rpm) Screen size(mm)
FS4030 1.5KW 18.5mm 180 14 10-12rpm 20mm
FS6650 7.5KW 18.5mm 230 26 16-25rpm 20mm
FS8040 2x11KW 18.5mm 245 20 16-25rpm 25mm
FS8060 2x11KW 30
FS8080 2x11KW 42
FS9080 2x18.5KW 25mm 290 32 16-25rpm 40mm
FS90100 2x18.5KW 40
FS10080 2x18.5KW 40 320 21 16-25rpm 40mm
FS100100 2x18.5KW 26
FS100120 2x22KW 31
FS100140 2x22KW 36
FS130100 2x15=2x22kw 50 430 20 16-25rpm 60
FS130120 2x15=2x30kw 24
FS130140 2x15=2x30kw 28
FS130180 2x15=2x30kw 36

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